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Street Stylin Car Detailing & Paint Protection Lilydale

Street Stylin Car Detailing & Paint Protection Lilydale

Street Stylin Car Detailing & Paint Protection LilydaleStreet Stylin Car Detailing & Paint Protection LilydaleStreet Stylin Car Detailing & Paint Protection Lilydale

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Who we are

We all remember our first car. All I ever wanted to do was clean mine constantly. This obsession went on throughout my ever changing list of cars. If i wasn't cleaning them I was racing them on the track or hanging out in car clubs. After many years working in car yards and detailing companies, I decided to put my efforts fully into Street Stylin.

Offering a professional premium car detailing service for people who love their pride and joy.

From Paint protection to Interior cleaning. Every car is treated with care and time. We are not a Supermarket , Cafe car wash. 5 people will not work on your car and have it supposedly clean in 30 minutes. Street Stylin is 1 person working on your car from start to finish, with time not being the main goal.

Street Stylin aims for quality and not quantity. Using high quality products from Chemical Guys and a proud Approved Applicator of GTECHNIQ Paint Protection Products.

With almost no regulations in the Detailing Industry, Street Stylin aims to educate people in the difference between Professional Detailer and Car Wash. Fully trained and certified in all aspects of Detailing from Local and International Companies.

Check out our Facebook Page with the link above, and check out our pictures below of customers cars.

Adam Joy - Owner Street Stylin

Got Swirls / Scratches?

We have all been there. You see your car in the light one day and wonder , how did they all get there? From light scratches to swirl marks. 

Most come from improper washing and drying. Street Stylin offers Paint Correction packages. Using Dual action polishers, your car will get the best treatment to bring it back to the best it has looked in years.  

Time and care is taken to achieve the best results, and this can take anywhere from 10 hours to 2 days. Quality not quantity.


Check out our packages below, or drop in for a free quote.

We accept all major credit cards or cash and Street Stylin is fully insured.

Gtechniq approved applicator, variety of Car Detailing packages. We are based in Lilydale, and do not at this stage offer a mobile service.



Paint Correction

Paint Correction

Paint Correction

First things first, is to wash your car in a Ph Neutral Wash with a foam gun. This is left on the car for 5 minutes to allow dust and dirt to slowly break down. 

After this it is washed off, and re foamed again.

Next is the 2 bucket wash method, 1 bucket with Ph Shampoo, the other is clear water with a grit guard. Your car is carefully washed from top to bottom, keeping the wash mitt clean using the clean water bucket after each panel. 

Then you car is dried with a soft waffle weave towel. 

A clay bar is then used to decontaminate your paintwork.

We then tape your car to protect any rubber or badges.

We then test a small area first with the lightest compound to check results. From this we can get the right pad and product combo needed, and work in a small area at a time correcting the paint work.

This can be a Stage 1 to 3 correction which is then sealed.

We don't forget about your car badges. Time is taken to polish in between them to get them looking fresh.

We use Chemical Guys and Concours products, not bulk buy car detailing supplies.

Once the correction is complete the car is checked and any residue left in cracks is removed.

A final wipe down with our Detail Spray ensures that great fingerprint free finish.

Stage 1 From $310

Stage 2 From $410

Stage 3 From $490

4wd/Vans/SUV/Wagons Extra


Interior Detail

Paint Correction

Paint Correction

First we clean all door jams.

A full vacuum of the car is performed.

All trim is then cleaned. Stubborn marks will be removed by steam cleaning.

Floor matts and carpet is then shampoo'd. 

Next we spend time cleaning seats. A combination of shampoo and steam is used to get the best possible results. Leather seats will be cleaned and conditioned.

The headlining is then cleaned as well.

After this we spend time on your dash, dusting vents and getting into every crack possible.

Visors and mirrors are cleaned.

The interior is then dressed in your choice of a natural look or gloss shine look using silicone free products.

Windows are cleaned inside and out.

A final vacuum is performed.

A final inspection is then performed to ensure no spots have been missed.

Free Chemical Guys Odor Eliminator

From $180

4wd/Vans/SUV/Wagons From $200

Extremely Dirty and Dog Hair Removal is Extra.


Exterior Detail

Paint Correction

Exterior Detail

We start off with the dirtiest part, yes the wheels and wheel wells are sprayed with our all purpose cleaner. Everything is then agitated with various soft brushes to loosen up any gunk. For stubborn spots we use steam. A final hose down is then done.

Next we use the foam gun to spray your pride and joy with a ph neutral shampoo that is high foaming. This is then left for 5 minutes to allow dust and dirt to break down.

Next we wash it off and re foam.

Then using our 2 bucket method, of 1 bucket ph neutral shampoo, the other bucket clean water with grit guard, we carefully wash the the car from top to bottom

Your car is then dried with a waffle weave towel. A clay bar treatment will follow this to leave your duco feeling like glass.

Door jams are all cleaned.

Next is to hand polish the whole car using our Chemical guys all in one polish. This will add some depth and shine to your duco. (For scratches, our paint correction package would be advised)

All trim and tyres are then dressed. A protective coat is applied to the rims.

Windows are cleaned inside and out.

A final inspection is then carried out.

Free Chemical Guys Odor Eliminator.


4wd/Vans/SUV/Wagons $230



Full Detail

Paint Protection / Ceramic

Paint Protection / Ceramic

The inside and out full detail will get your car smelling fresh and looking clean.

Perfect if your selling your car as well.

You get everything from the Interior and exterior detail package.

From $340

4wd/Vans/SUV/Wagons From $370


Paint Protection / Ceramic

Paint Protection / Ceramic

Paint Protection / Ceramic

 Protect your car with GTECHNIQ. Proudly used by Force India F1 , and Aston Martin Racing Team, your car will thank you.

Street Stylin offers the top end Crystal Serum Ultra plus a more cost friendly alternative with C1 Crystal Lacquer and C2.

Street Stylin is Certified and an Approved Gtechniq Applicator.

Cyrstal Serum Ultra

  • 10h Paint Protection
  • 9 Year Guarantee (Warranty) 

High Gloss, Swirl and Chemical resistant.

From $1100 New Car Inc Stage 1

Old Cars / Vans / Wagons /SUV Extra

For more info, call or drop in for a free quote

Crystal Serum Light

  • Swirl and Chemical Resistant
  • Incredible Gloss
  • 5 Year Warranty

From $900 New Car Inc Stage 1

Old Cars / Vans / Wagons / SUV Extra

For More info, call or drop in for a free quote

C1 Crystal Lacquer

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Excellent Swirl mark resistant
  • Crystal Clear Finish

From $700 New Car Inc Stage 1

Old Cars / Vans / Wagons / SUV Extra

For More info, call or drop in for a free quote

Chemical Guys Hydro Ceramic Coat

  • Up to 8 Months Durability
  • Extreme Dirt and Water Repellency

From $500 New Car Inc Stage 1

Old Cars / Vans / Wagons / SUV Extra


Ceramic Coat for Rims  

Protect your rims and make them more resistant to brake dust. 2 year lasting Protection

$50 per wheel (outside only)



Paint Protection / Ceramic


Engine Detail

From $140

Interior Protection

Full Interior Protection

Auto Finesse Caramics

From $300

Extra if Interior needs Pre Cleaning



Black and White Light

Black and White Light

Black and White Light

Have a Black or white car and looking for some extra gloss shine? This is the package for you.

White and Black Light from the Chemical Guys is a Hybrid Radiant product that will bring out an amazing gloss on Dark or light colour cars.

First your car is washed with our 2 bucket method which includes foam wash with Chemical guys Snow Foam.

Then your car is dried with our waffle weave dry towel to help stop any more scratches.

A clay bar treatment is then performed.

Next Black light or White Light is applied to the car by machine with a soft finishing pad.

The product is then left to cure to the vehicles paint for 30 minutes. After this the excess is wiped off with a premium Microfiber towel.

Next Chemical Guys Better Butter wax is applied and left for 15 minutes before being wiped off.

All trim and tyres are then dressed, followed by a final Inspection.


Please Note - Black and White LIght will not remove scratches and Only enhances the Colour Depth


Gift Voucher's

Black and White Light

Black and White Light

Street Stylin Gift Vouchers. Looking for something different to give? A Gift Voucher from Street Stylin can be used towards any of our Services.

You decide how much to put on the Voucher. We do not post Vouchers in the mail, they must be picked up.

No Expiry Date, so it can be used when really needed.

Call for more info.


Complete Detail

Black and White Light

Complete Detail

Includes the Interior , Exterior Packages. Engine Bay wash and Detail.

Stage 1 Paint Correction sealed with our Highest quality Wax 2 times.

Door Jams will also be polished and Waxed.

Rims cleaned and Wheel wax applied to help repel brake dust. Exhaust tips Cleaned and polished.

From $450

4wd/Vans/SUV/Wagons From $470


Tina Hough (Facebook)

Clinton Rowles (Facebook)

Clinton Rowles (Facebook)

 Adam did an amazing job detailing my car and took the time to do it carefully and professionally. He is extremely knowledgable and his quality of work is exceptional! I highly recommend his business 

Clinton Rowles (Facebook)

Clinton Rowles (Facebook)

Clinton Rowles (Facebook)

 Awesome result, even on 17yo paint. Great service! 

Julie Dalrymple (Google)

Clinton Rowles (Facebook)

Julie Dalrymple (Google)

 Adam did an amazing job on my black Prado. Great to see someone that has pride & passion in his work. He had a few challenges with my car & was honest with the expected outcome. It came up looking fantastic. Thank you Adam for making my car look new again! 

Luke Meyer (Facebook)

Luke Meyer (Facebook)

Julie Dalrymple (Google)

 We've used other detailers in the past that produced good work. However the attention to detail from Street Stylin is second to none. We dropped our car off for a presale clean and picked it up looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor. Both the interior and exterior look immaculate. Very happy customers and we'll certainly be back. 

Lucinda Sam (Google)

Luke Meyer (Facebook)

Lucinda Sam (Google)

 After listing my Mercedes Benz on the market I set out to look for a conveniently located, reasonably priced and high quality car detailer (not one of those low effort shopping centre operations) to prepare my car for photography and sale. I googled Street Stylin, then spoke with Adam who was very friendly, knowledgeable and explained the full process well to put my mind at rest as my car is on the luxury side and I wanted it to be taken well care of! Well I needn't have worried as Adam did an OUTSTANDING job detailing my car, was very well priced and obviously has a lot of pride in his workmanship. I couldn't recommend him enough. 


Luke Meyer (Facebook)

Lucinda Sam (Google)

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